March 2002

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When we first moved out to NC, we lived in a small apartment with no room for a shop. I did manage to get some wood into this project, though.

It was the first version of what turned out to be a wife-chaser. It ended up with a camera on top (developed by the fine folks at CMU) so that could track my wife if she wore a red dot on her shoe and didn’t move too fast. Later I hacked an old speech synthesizer chip so I would be able to make it compliment her as it chased her around. (I didn’t quite get that far.) …but then I got a job and now he’s just in a box somewhere.

Notice the beadie eyes (they would wink) and sinister frown.

A tiny I2C master controller designed to monitor and handle sensor loop and control  operations. Conditioned power (+5V) is brought into this board, where it is coupled with the TWI for twelve external devices on three independent clock and data lines. I2C need not be implemented on each bus. Additionally power is combined with three weak-high pins, and three floating for other control applications. Includes an analog comparator (ANC) and a programmable LED.