February 2008

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I used to get a lot of prescription meds for a family member and I often use the old bottles to store small parts. A couple years ago I started drilling holes in 1/4 ply and hanging them from hooks on my pegboard. Effective but ugly.

Well, tonight I went out into the shop to “cool down” after a heated conversation with a credit card company (another story altogether ), grabbed a couple pieces of old maple wainscoting and finally finished the job. (Well, not quite finished, but you know what I mean.)

The rack holds 60 bottles on four slide-out shelves. I use it for lots of random stuff like hooks, washers, plugs, modular jacks, picture hanging hooks, coins (spacers), etc. It’s handy because you can pretty much see into all of the bottles pretty easily.

Here’s a photo. Let me know your thoughts!