July 2009

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A local church is building an addition. They put up the fence and signs, then proceeded to plow down all the trees inside of the fence. Hmm…

What's wrong with this photo?

What's wrong with this photo?

Here are the 40 Dolch pre-primer words formatted for printing in portrait orientation on 10, 20 or 40 3×5 index cards in both PDF and MS Word (*.docx) format. These are among the most used words in the English language and are a great started set if your child is learning to read. Many are true “sight words” which cannot be sounded out and must simply be memorized.

Print all 40 words onto 10 index cards by loading 10 index cards into your printer in portrait orientation, then printing pages 1-10. Re-load the 10 cards facing the other direction and print pages 11-20. Turn the cards over and print pages 21-30. Turn then around again and print pages 31-40.

The title of the set and the word number (alphabetically ordered) are printed in gray, small text above each word. The words themselves are printed in large Comic Sans font, which looks a lot like handwriting and dones’t have many confusing characters. (For example, the lower case “L” doesn’t look like an upper case “I”, or the number “1”.)

Download here:

Every time I opened our entry closet I wanted to scream. I’ve been wanting to re-do it for a long time, and I finally bit the bullet and did it.

Coats, which we accessed most, were often pushed back in the cubbies behind the walls, and the rickety wire shelving in the middle held a bunch of stuff that we hardly ever accessed. So I moved the shelves to the sides, and the hanger rods in the middle. If we need extra hanging space now, we can just take out a couple shelves.

Next comes some paint, a shoe rack, and an umbrella holder. Plus I want to wire up an LED light “fixture” to a reed switch so that the lights come on when you open it up. We’ll see how that one goes…

Before and after: (Click for larger views.)