August 2010

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Here’s a great run/walk for neighbors of the Colony Woods community in Chapel Hill, NC. The loop is exactly 5 kilometers (3.11 miles), and it goes by most of the properties in the neighborhood with only limited overlap. Because it’s a loop, you can pick it up at any point, and you know you’ve gone exactly 5K when you get back to the starting point (or 10K if you do it twice). Based on your weight you’ll likely to burn 250-500 calories jogging at about 5 miles per hour. It takes about 40 minutes.

Map of Colony Woods 5K Loop

Colony Woods 5K Loop

There are a few hills, but they’re spaced out nicely.  Starting at the intersection of Colony Woods Drive and Fountain Ridge Road and starting by heading south, here is a chart that shows the changes in elevation along this loop.

Colony Woods 5K Loop Elevation Graph

Colony Woods 5K Loop Elevation Graph

Some details: I’ve added to route to as well. The elevation graph is a cleaned-up version of what was made available by The map image itself is a derivative work based on an image from and is licensed CC-BY-SA. The image was adapted using Inkscape.