March 2021

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I picked up a $9 Comidox logic analyzer for some ESP8266 work I’m doing, and so far it works great. You really can’t beat the price. Plus, it’s not just for Linux. Here’s how I got it up and running on Windows 10.

  1. Install PulseView software (it’s free). You can find it at Navigate to Downloads, scroll down to Windows, and select the appropriate PulseView nightly build installer. (I used 64 bit.) Then install the software. This also installs the Zadig USB driver installation tool.
  2. Plug in the logic analyzer — it’ll probably show up as an unrecognized device.
  3. From the Start menu, type Zadig to run the driver installer, select the unrecognized device. Click Edit to change the name to something you recognize like Comidox Logic Analyzer. Be sure WinUSB is selected and click Install. This part can take a few minutes.
  4. From the Start menu, type PulseView. At the top, click where it says Demo Device, change the driver to fx2lafw, choose USB, and then Scan for devices. Select Saleae Logic with 8 Channels and click OK.
  5. Hook up the wires — don’t forget GND — and click Run in the software to start capturing.