DMD: Dual Motor Doohickey (Modular RBBB and TB6612FNG Driver Board)

Here’s a small, inexpensive, modular, and easy-to-customize motor controller I’m working on that incorporates the Modern Device RBBB ($13), and Pololu’s TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver Carrier ($8.50). If I fry or want to retask the brain or the driver or both, I can just pop them out and move along. Plus, because the RBBB is essentially a little Arduino, I’m in complete control of the code; I can rest assured that my robot will adequately obey the Three Laws. 🙂

It’s precisely 50 mm square. The ADDY jumpers will allow it to be addressed on an I2C network if desired. I’m working through some DC motor code, but I’m also planning some bipolar stepper code as well. The PCB was designed with Fritzing, which I found to be very usable but a bit limiting.

I’ve decided to sell off the extras either as kits or bare PCBs, so let me know if you’re interested by commenting below.

DMD: Dual Motor Doohickey v1.0 - A flexible motor controller

DMD: Dual Motor Doohickey v1.0 - A flexible motor controller

UPDATE: The circuit boards arrived in three weeks time (detailed at SeeedStudio PCB Turn-Around Time (Registered Mail) ), and I’m very pleased with the results. Here are a few pictures of the boards below. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

This was updated again on November 7, 2011 to add Fritzing reference, and the ebay link.

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  1. Ronald’s avatar

    I got the link to this article from seeestudio forum article. I am going to order their Fusion PCB Service for my prototype. Problem is I designed my board through Fritzing and I’m not sure if they would receive my Fritzing-generated Gerber files. My question to you, with what tool did you design your project with? Thanks a lot.


    1. admin’s avatar

      Hi Ronald. I used Fritzing for this PCB, and I used KiCad for the second one. Both printed with no problems at all. In fact with each order I received 12 PCB boards (instead of 10), and so far all of them have worked just fine.



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