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Here are three more piano tunes that I wrote many moons ago. Click the “Play” icons to listen.

My wife named the first one. Its name is formally “Ducks with a Mission,” but I just call it “Ducks.” (I have no idea why she gave it such a strange name.) It starts off slowly and simply, with a melody that might sound a little familiar.
Alex Franke - Ducks

Next is my Minute Waltz, which (unlike the more common Minute Waltz)has the unique distinction of being precisely a minute long. (Before I get any nasty comments about this, I’ll say up-font that I did allow for a tiny fade-out at the end.)
Alex Franke - Minute Waltz

I’m not quite sure how to describe Flutterby, except to say that I can’t actually play it. 🙂
Alex Franke - Flutterby


Here are a couple more piano tunes I wrote a while back while I was tinkering around with the fugue style.

In a 3-voice fugue, the main theme is introduced in the first voice, then repeated an interval above with the second voice enters, then again below when the third voice enters. In most cases, after the voices finish their themes, they go off and do their own things for a little while (actually with some variations of parts of the theme) before the main theme comes back again at the end.

I chose a different instrument to record these (other than piano) mainly because I liked the sound of it.

Click the “Play” icon to listen.
Alex Franke - Fugue 1
Alex Franke - Fugue 2

Wedding Song

Here’s a short piano tune I wrote back in the 90’s after I found out that a dear friend was tying the knot. Enjoy!

Click the “Play” icon to listen.
Alex Franke - Wedding Song