Beijing and Nanning, China

Well it’s been an adventure alright! We had two unexpected overnights–one in LAX and one in Beijing–due to a ten hour delay in the intentional flight. But we made it! Unfortunately our luggage did not. One of the two bags arrived last night (the one with the allergy safe food for the girl) and the one with most of our clothes is still missing. :/

This place is pretty amazing so far though. The cities just go on forever. Our first meal here was absolutely delicious–beef with chili sauce, beans, and kind of egg/tomato dish, and more, all family style. Then we went of to this crazy water-park-like hot spring with 150+ springs ranging from cold to hot, and grape flavored to tea. Then there was the one where fish were nibbling on our feet.

The rest of the family is doing well so far… still a bit jet-lagged and getting up real early. Big day planned today. Hopefully I can post more later!

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