3D Printer Club for Public Schools

This is the “home” page for a series of posts describing our effort to start and manage a 3D printer club at a local elementary school, with the ultimate goal of replicating the program at schools everywhere. We’ll be posting as many details as possible, including lesson plans and supporting materials.

The RepRap Project is the perfect vehicle for bringing a project-based STEM curriculum into the classroom. If you’re interested in getting this remarkable technology into schools in a unique and creative way that encompasses multiple disciplines (not just STEM!), please follow this project and plan to one of your own. To discuss your ideas with a group of like-minded community members, join our Google group.

IMPORTANT: This list may not include all updates! Check here for the most up-to-date posts in reverse chronological order: http://www.thefrankes.com/wp/?tag=3d-printer-club

General Information

Tutorial Videos

Meeting Follow-up Emails

Club Policy and Administration

Supplemental Information

Club Formation

Other Resources

Special Thanks

We would like to recognize and thank the following for providing support in our ongoing effort to make this project a success.

  • Reifsnyder Precision Works (hotends.com) – The original J-Head hot end.
  • TriDPrinting.com – 3D printer store, parts and accessories.
  • LulzBot – Materials, hardware, electronics, and tools for RepRap 3D printers.
  • Triangle Ecycling – Recycling Ewaste Into Education
  • Printrbot – 3D printers and supplies
  • Other companies or individuals in the 3D printing community, who wished to remain anonymous.
  1. lindsey’s avatar

    Could i buy a replacement snoopy sno cone maker lock cap? Ours also came without one & I cant find a replacement part anywhere. Thank you! lindseylu8 @ gmail . com


  2. Rob S’s avatar

    Thanks for your efforts here, lots of good stuff! Linked to you on our forum.
    We are working to get 3D printers into the hands of people with very limited resources.



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