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This email went out to all team members four days after the second all-team meeting. Their science notebooks had been collected for the weekend after the last meeting, but were returned on Monday.

Greetings fellow Makers!

School is out now for Thanksgiving break, but one of the benefits of an after school club is that it’s—um—after school. So I’m going to keep sending you stuff anyway!

Several of you have received your science notebooks back, and for each of you that has one, I wanted to remind you to be careful with it and try not to lose it. You will need to bring it with you to our meetings, and you’ll need it for the notes you take and things you learn between meetings.

I have a notebook, too, and I’ve also been busy taking notes. One of the first things that came up as Jacob and I were working more on listing parts was that we needed a way to identify all the hardware we were finding. I turned the page and drew a couple pictures of common hardware that we’ll be using, along with some information about them.

Because every single one of you is going to need to be familiar with these parts as well, I thought I’d share that page from my science notebook with you. I’ve attached it to this email. (For those of you who are keeping a science notebook, you can see pictures of how I set mine up here: http://www.thefrankes.com/wp/?p=2779.)

I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving break with your families and friends!

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