SMS Gneisenau Far East, 1910-1911, Set 5

This is the 5th set from a collection of 180 or so photographs taken during the 1910-1911 deployment of S.M.S. Gneisenau to the Far East. S.M.S. Gneisenau was an armored cruiser of the Kaiserliche Marine, or German Imperial Navy. For the main catalog page of this archive, including the ports and dates visited, see SMS Gneisenau Far East Photo Collection, 1910-1911.

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  1. william roll’s avatar

    My uncle was a marine on this cruise, his name was carl e. krause 1888-1977


    1. admin’s avatar

      Excellent! I still have some other information I need to post, including a group photo. Do you know if he’s in any of the pictures?


    2. Urs Heßling’s avatar


      pic #4 – British cruiser “Newcastle”, at that time a brand new ship, commissioned in September 1910, she belonged to the new “Town” class

      pic #8 – British armoured cruiser “Minotaur”, lead ship of its class, the last class of armoured cruisers in the Royal Navy before the introduction of the battle cruiser (“Invincible” class)
      Minotaur was armed with two 23,4 cm (9.2″) guns fore and aft and ten 19 cm (7.5″) guns, five on each side and easily recognizable in the picture


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