Three More Piano Tunes

Here are three more piano tunes that I wrote many moons ago. Click the “Play” icons to listen.

My wife named the first one. Its name is formally “Ducks with a Mission,” but I just call it “Ducks.” (I have no idea why she gave it such a strange name.) It starts off slowly and simply, with a melody that might sound a little familiar.
Alex Franke - Ducks

Next is my Minute Waltz, which (unlike the more common Minute Waltz)has the unique distinction of being precisely a minute long. (Before I get any nasty comments about this, I’ll say up-font that I did allow for a tiny fade-out at the end.)
Alex Franke - Minute Waltz

I’m not quite sure how to describe Flutterby, except to say that I can’t actually play it. 🙂
Alex Franke - Flutterby


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