Comment Spam Jokes

All comments on this blog are moderated — they must be approved by an administrator at before they appear. Even so, we get hundreds of spam posts in the moderation queue. A lot of the spammers try to get a shoe-in by posting an innocuous-sounding joke with high hoped that they’ll be approved so they can later post the real ugly spam.

Some of the jokes are actually amusing:

  • What kind of lettuce was served on the Titanic? Iceberg.
  • Homeowner: My house is located in an earthquake zone. Agent: Sorry, but I can’t help you. I only sell no-fault insurance!
  • What has more lives than a cat? A frog. It croaks every night.
  • What magazine do cats like to read? Good Mousekeeping.
  • What do you call a bunch of dancing pebbles? The Rockettes.
  • What’s happening when you hear “woof…splat…meow…splat?” It’s raining cats and dogs.
  • What happens when a ghost haunts a theater? The actors get stage fright.
  • What weighs 909 kg (2,000 pounds for all of you inefficient, non-metric “people”) and is bare to the bone? A skeleTON!!!
  • What geometric figure represents a lost parrot? A polygon.



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