SMS Gneisenau Far East, 1910-1911, Set 2

This is the 2nd set from a collection of 180 or so photographs taken during the 1910-1911 deployment of S.M.S. Gneisenau to the Far East. S.M.S. Gneisenau was an armored cruiser of the Kaiserliche Marine, or German Imperial Navy. For the main catalog page of this archive, including the ports and dates visited, see SMS Gneisenau Far East Photo Collection, 1910-1911.

Photos contain some nudity.

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  1. Sankara Menon’s avatar

    The picture called “Der Raje von travencore” is really the Maharaja of Cochin. The poor cheruman did not know the diff between Travancore and Cochin!!!


    1. admin’s avatar

      Thanks for your comments, Sankara! I wrote it here just as my grandfather had labeled the photos in his photo album, and there are a few mistakes here and there. Thanks for pointing this one out!


    2. Urs Heßling’s avatar


      pic # 4 Turmdeck – visible In the foreground is the barrel of one of Gneisenau`s four 21 cm (8.3″) casemate guns

      pic # 16 – French armoured cruiser “Dupleix” see



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