SMS Gneisenau Far East, 1910-1911, Set 7

This is the 7th set from a collection of 180 or so photographs taken during the 1910-1911 deployment of S.M.S. Gneisenau to the Far East. S.M.S. Gneisenau was an armored cruiser of the Kaiserliche Marine, or German Imperial Navy. For the main catalog page of this archive, including the ports and dates visited, see SMS Gneisenau Far East Photo Collection, 1910-1911.

Warning: One photo in this set (“Leichenverbrennung in Indien”) depicts human death and cremation.

Note: The photo captioned “Engl Kreuzer ‘Minotaur’ & Yacht ‘Alecrite’ for Woosung” was originally and incorrectly captioned, “Engl Kreuzer ‘New Castle’ & Yacht ‘Alecrite’ for Woosung”. Thanks for catching this, Urs.

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