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Here’s a rocking horse I built for my son.

I used plans from a book called The Family Handyman: Toys, Games, and Furniture (ISBN: 0895777908), published September 1, 1995. It looks like it might be out of print now, but Amazon shows a bunch listed used and new for as little as about $5. Great deal, considering the plans sell separately for nearly $14!

It’s cherry & hard maple. The eyes are walnut. Let me know what you think!

Maple and Cherry Rocking Horse

Maple and Cherry Rocking Horse

When we first moved out to NC, we lived in a small apartment with no room for a shop. I did manage to get some wood into this project, though.

It was the first version of what turned out to be a wife-chaser. It ended up with a camera on top (developed by the fine folks at CMU) so that could track my wife if she wore a red dot on her shoe and didn’t move too fast. Later I hacked an old speech synthesizer chip so I would be able to make it compliment her as it chased her around. (I didn’t quite get that far.) …but then I got a job and now he’s just in a box somewhere.

Notice the beadie eyes (they would wink) and sinister frown.

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