Scrap Wood Toy Violin

I was working on another rocking horse in the shop today and my son kept picking up a horse leg and pretending it was a violin. I didn’t want the leg to get damaged, but I also wanted him to be able to “play” violin so I banged out this little toy.

He loves it — even took it to bed with him! So I thought I’d share it. (He gets the hair from me.) Click for a larger picture.

And no, I did not glue the bridge on. 🙂

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  1. Radha’s avatar

    I am looking for a toy violin ..something like this for my 3 yr old nephew. Any suggestions on where i can find it ?I stay in India, Bangalore. I have scouted a dozen shops around, but no luck so far


    1. admin’s avatar

      I’m sorry — I don’t have any suggestions for you. If you or any of your friends have a woodworking shop, they’re pretty easy to make from scratch, though. Good luck!


    2. Praveen’s avatar

      Thanks Frankes, this inspired me to get a similar one done for my 7-year old for his birthday on May 4.



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