Bench Tool Storage Shelves

I saw this in Wood magazine a few months ago and it seemed like the perfect solution for my cramped shop. It’s made from maybe a half dozen 24’s, some pegboard, some scrap plywood and a little scrap MDF on the top. Oh, and four 4″ double locking casters from Grizzly — probably the most expensive part, but well worth it.

It’s pretty much all half-lap construction. I modified it to fit these tools, and added a little rack to hang a couple of roller stands. The pegboard is set into grooves that were cut in the centers of the 24’s before it was all assembled (clearly). The shelf rails are not adjustable. Well, unless I want to unscrew then and move them. You can also see here how I mounted the tools. I used a dremel tool to saw off the ends of the bolts. There is more scrap pine glued to the bottom corners to help support the wheels.

The spring clamps are on a 1/2″ MDF scrap that I notched for a couple pieces of scrap pine. I glued in the pine, and screwed them into the MDF from the back, then screwed them onto the side of the rack. A bunch of my cheap but incredibly useful clamps go on two sets of these racks. I used a dado blade to notch them out so the bars just fit. I don’t expect this to be a long-term solution because the notched pine is pretty weak.

It was really easy to build. Let me know what you think! (Click for larger images.)

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