Electronic Component Abbreviations

Here’s a list of common abbreviations for electronic components on circuit boards (PCBs).

AE Aerial (antenna)
B Battery
BR Bridge rectifier
C Capacitor
D, CR Diode
DSP Digital signal processor
F Fuse
FET Field effect transistor
IC integrated circuit
J Jumper wire
JFET Junction field-effect transistor
L Inductor
LDR Light dependent resistor
LED Light emitting diode
LS Speaker
M Motor
Mic Microphone
MOSFET Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor
OP Op Amp
Q Transistor
R Resistor
RLA, RY Relay
SCR Silicon controlled rectifier
SW Switch
T Transformer
TFT Thin film transistor
TH Thermistor
TP Test point
Tr Transistor
U Integrated circuit
VC Variable capacitor
VR Variable resistor
X Crystal, ceramic resonator
XMER Transformer
XTAL Crystal
Z Zener diode

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