3D Printer Club: Meeting 2 Review


This post is the (redacted) email that was sent to team members after the second meeting.

Greetings Fellow Makers!

Our meeting this past Friday was a complete success, and I’m very proud of everyone I saw who was working so hard on the day’s projects. I wanted to review some of what went on so everyone is up to date.

The maker team was hard at work taking apart some old, broken printers in order to find some useful parts. Of particular interest were some motors, springs, and switches that might come in handy for our build. One team member found a plastic part that might be useful in delivering filament to the extruder. The team also discovered that we need some safety glasses, and so we’ll talk to the accounting and BOM teams to get that process moving.

Your team was probably already visited by members from the membership team. I was so pleased to see them going from team to team collecting information about the other teams and their members. I expect they’ll be sending out lists with contact information at some point for all of us to use as a reference.

The blogger (public relations) team has hit the ground running, too. We’ve already gotten an email asking for some of the photos we took so they can be used for documentation, and I understand that they’re already working with the school and Internet experts to set up a public blog site. I can’t wait to see how this turns out! One of the team members also has a really cool mascot idea, that I think you’ll all love when you hear about it!

The accounting team was hard at work setting up the ledgers and lists that we’ll be using to manage the team finances, and they had some great detailed questions about that process. I’ll be getting them some more details very soon about our seed funding, the donations we’ve already received, and some upcoming expenses.

The BOM and build teams worked together at the meeting to start figuring out all the parts that make up the printer we’re going to build. It’s a huge job, and we now have five lists or parts detailing what will be required to build each subassembly (major part) of the printer. We’ll be working a bit more on that and then turning those lists over to the BOM team to create a master list and start finding parts.

Once again, I’m absolutely thrilled to see how hard you are all working to pull this off. Seeing this kind of hard work and dedication makes me feel confident in your success. I hope the work moves forward and the ideas keep coming in over the next couple of weeks, and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish next time! Keep up the great work!

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