3D Printer Club: Hackerspace Presentation

Special Content: Repraps for Education

This is part of a series of posts about starting and facilitating a project-based 3D printer club at a local elementary school, with the ultimate goal of replicating the program at schools everywhere. We'll be posting as many details as possible, including lesson plans and supporting materials. For more information about the entire project, including a listing of posts related to it, please visit the 3D Printer Club for Schools project page. 

Today Jacob stood up in front of a big group of adults and presented our collective work on getting a 3D Printer Club up and running at his elementary school. He showed the video we worked on, and although we had some technical difficulties with sound, it was very well received. Many of the “Easter egg” scenes got some big laughs, and one of the members even recognized the math at the end.

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