3D Printer Club: Hardware Order Placed!


Great news, everyone: The BOM team has successfully sourced a large number of hardware-related parts, and has found some great prices at a company called McMaster-Carr. After working with the accounting team, it looks like all the hardware is going to be within our hardware budget, and so I’ve gone ahead and placed the order!

McMaster-Carr Order for Hardware (redacted)

This order includes all the nuts, screws, washers, smooth rods, and some other parts. I actually went through the list and compared it to some parts that I have on-hand. In some cases where we only needed a couple of screws I went ahead and removed them from the order if I already had them. This should save us a few dollars. I also already have a couple of the springs we’ll need.

The most expensive part on the order was the smooth rod. We needed 2.4 meters for one printer, and because it is sold in 3-foot sections, that translates to 9 feet (about 2.75 meters) per printer. The cost of each 3-foot rod was almost $5!

Once I find out from McMaster-Carr what they’ll be charging me for shipping, I’ll be able to get a complete list of the expenses for this store (source) over to the accounting team.

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