3D Printer Club: Account/BOM Info and Update


The kids at this school are on a year-round schedule, and they get several weeks off between quarters. We placed our first real order after the last meeting of the quarter, and this is the email I sent to the accounting and BOM teams so they were in the loop.

Hello Accounting and BOM Teams! (Parents, please ask the kids to read this!)

I have some details about the first order we placed for hardware parts. This doesn’t include everything in the hardware category, but it is most of it–and it should be everything that we needed to order from McMaster-Carr. In cases where we only needed a few screws, lock nuts, etc, I didn’t order anything that I already had on hand–so that should save us a bit of cash.

For the BOM team, the only things we have left to find from the “hardware” category are the grub screws (which we can probably get from Ace Hardware–they have a great selection of things like that), the ring terminals (we can probably find these at Lowes), the glass sheet (I think the maker team found one of these in a scanner they took apart), and some springs. They also found a power cord, by the way.

Here are some details for the accounting team. Please record this transaction in your books so that we have a good record of it–we’re all counting on you to keep track of important things like this!

The vendor is McMaster-Carr, and I placed the order on December 16. The total amount attributable to our project was $45.98, and our project’s share of the shipping cost was only $3.42. This is a grand total of $49.40. I paid for it already, and so I’ll submit a receipt at some point in the future so that I can be reimbursed by the club.

The box of stuff should arrive tomorrow, and I’ll bring it for our next meeting.

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