3D Printer Club: BOM Team Update


After the holiday, I wanted to get the kids back into the swing of things and provide each team with a concrete list of things they could work on. There’s a bit more attrition as well, but also a couple of kids on the waitlist to join.

The first over arrived before the holiday, and I also took the initiative of setting up mailing lists for each team. I would have liked for them to do this themselves, but I’m still not completely confident in the kids’ member list, and setting up these forwarders is more of a technical process. I hope to be able to pass list management off to the membership team at some point.

Here’s the email that went out to the BOM team (redacted):

Hello BOM Team!

I hope you had a great holiday! Are you ready to hit the ground running again at our first meeting this Friday?
Here are a couple of important updates and requests:

  • Our first order of parts came in before the holiday. I posted some information about it on our new website at http://cpsfcmaker.org/?p=85 — please take a look at it. I also found a couple of good deals on some of the electronics we’ll need. I’ll share what I have either in an upcoming email or at the meeting.
  • [BOM member #1] isn’t going to be able to help out this quarter, and so I’d love to see [BOM member #2] promoted into her role. Are you up for it, [BOM member #2]?
  • One of the BOM team members needs to be prepared to give a brief overview of what your team is working on at the start of the next meeting.
  • Your team needs to compile a complete and consolidated list of what parts we need, what we have already, and what we still need to get. [BOM adviser] sent out lists a few weeks ago to individual members, and she can probably help get this started, but you should probably plan to have this list completed by the end of this week if at all possible. The build team has a schedule in place and will soon be letting you know what parts need to be ready for which days.
  • You have a new and easy to use email address! You can email *all* the BOM team members (including adult advisers) by sending an email to [BOM email] Right now this list includes the following email addresses (Please let me know if you need any changes to this list!): [List of BOM team addresses]
See you again soon!

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