3D Printer Club: Member Team Update


Here’s the update for the membership team (redacted). You can see that I’ve been reminding the members that each team will be responsible for providing a group update at the next meeting.

Hello Membership Team!

I hope you had a great holiday! Are you ready to hit the ground running again at our first meeting this Friday?
Here are a couple of important updates and requests:

  • Before the holiday, I asked your team to contact [waitlisted student] about a spot on the team. If you haven’t already done this, please do it as soon as possible because I know that [waitlisted student] is waiting to hear from us!
  • This is very important: Your team needs to distribute member lists to everyone in the club so they know how to contact each other. You might want to keep keep a page for each team in your notebook and list each member on that team, along with his or her email address. You also need to keep track of who attends the meetings, but that doesn’t need to be shared with everyone else.
  • [BOM team member] isn’t going to be able to help out this quarter. She was on the BOM team, so please talk to that team about whether or not they need you to find someone to replace her.
  • One of the membership team members needs to be prepared to give a brief overview of what your team is working on at the start of the next meeting.
  • You have a new and easy to use email address! You can email *all* your team members (including adult advisers) by sending an email to [membership team email]. Use this address when you need to communicate with your team. Right now this list includes the following email addresses (Please let me know if you need any changes to this list!): [membership team and adviser email addresses]
Remember, if you need help with any of these things, you’re welcome to recruit helpers from the maker team! See you again soon!

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