3D Printer Club: Accounting Team Update

I did a lot of writing this week. Here’s the (redacted) email that went out to the accounting team. In this email, I reminded the team that they are responsible for sending out thank you cards for donations. In this case, the donation was from Reifsnyder Precision Works (www.hotends.com), the original maker of the very popular J-Head hot end. 

Hello Accounting Team!  

I hope you had a great holiday! Are you ready to hit the ground running again at our first meeting this Friday?
Here are a couple of important updates and requests: 

  • This is very important: If we haven’t done so already, we need to get a thank-you card out to Reifsnyder Precision Works as soon as possible; this is the company that gave us the hot ends (an expensive part) for free. Ask around on your team (or ask the makers) for someone who can draw or paint a picture to make a custom card, and then plan to have it finished and ready to mail by our Friday meeting. At the meeting we can have everyone sign it and then send it off.
  • Also, your team is responsible for helping the team raise funds. Please plan to work on a letter (or flyer) that team members can use to explain what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, and to let people know how they can help if they want to. You can send it to the blog team and ask them to post it online, and you can provide it to team members so they can share it with friends and neighbors — and their parents can share it at their places of work. Let me know if you want some ideas about how people can help!
  • Our first order of parts came in before the holiday. I posted some information about it on our new website at http://cpsfcmaker.org/?p=85 — please take a look at it. I also found a couple of good deals on some of the electronics we’ll need. I’ll share what I have either in an upcoming email or at the meeting. I’ll send you a list of all the costs this week so that you can get them on the books.
  • One of the accounting team members needs to be prepared to give a brief overview of what your team is working on at the start of the next meeting.
  • You have a new and easy to use email address! You can email *all* your team members (including adult advisers) by sending an email to [accounting team email]. Use this address when you need to communicate with your team. Right now this list includes the following email addresses (Please let me know if you need any changes to this list!): [accounting team members and advisers]
See you again soon!

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