3D Printer Club: Questions for Membership Team

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This is part of a series of posts about starting and facilitating a project-based 3D printer club at a local elementary school, with the ultimate goal of replicating the program at schools everywhere. We'll be posting as many details as possible, including lesson plans and supporting materials. For more information about the entire project, including a listing of posts related to it, please visit the 3D Printer Club for Schools project page. 

During the break, I wanted to set up email lists for each team so they could better communicate: (redacted)

Hello [membership team leads],

I hope you’re having a good break so far! I have a couple things I hope you’ll be able to help with over the next few days:

First, I know that [waitlisted student] is on our club waitlist. I think we could use another 4th grader, so I’d like to be able to make room. Can one of you send [waitlisted student] an email ([email address]) with an invitation to join? Let me know if you have any concerns about this!

Second, I’m working with the blog/P.R. team to set up email lists for our members. This should make it very easy to email everyone in a specific group without knowing everyone’s individual email address. But I want to be sure I have the latest information about who is on what team. Can you send me a list of club members and adult advisers (with email addresses) grouped by team?

In fact, we should get these team lists out to everyone. If you’d like me to look over the lists you have, just send them to me first, and I’ll compare them to my notes before you send them out to everyone in the club.

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