3D Printer Club: Message to PARENTS


In an effort to trim down the team to only the most interested and motivated students and parents, I sent out this email to only the parents.

With the new quarter starting up, this is probably a good time to talk to your kids about their involvement in the 3D printer club. As the build actually starts, we’re going to be relying on each team member more and more to take responsibility for his or her role and the work that goes along with it — not only during the scheduled club meeting times, but outside of those times as well. We won’t be able to complete this project without this concerted effort (there are simply not enough scheduled meeting hours left), but if the kids follow through between meetings and come prepared, then we should still be on track.

So please take a moment and talk to your kids about the club. Is this something they’re still committed to seeing through? Are they still willing to work hard toward a long-term goal? Are they willing to come prepared for the club meetings, work hard at them, and follow up between them?

I also want to express my sincere gratitude to the parent and teacher volunteers who are helping to see this project through. The talent and dedication they bring to the table is incredibly valuable — directing a project of this scope with a team this size would be impossible without them. Thank you!

Finally, I want tell you a bit about some of the hard and dedicated work I’ve seen from the kids so far. After every meeting, I’ve had a new story to tell about a student stepping up to a challenge, coming up with a creative idea, or discovering something new. I’ve received emails from them about things like club branding and sourcing parts. I’ve seen kids feverishly running numbers and tweaking budgets, interviewing teammates, taking pictures, researching parts, taking notes, organizing lists, asking questions, proposing solutions, coming up with creative new ideas, and a whole lot more. The enthusiasm and curiosity I’ve seen from them has been positively inspiring.

See you Friday!


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