3D Printer Club: What I’ve Purchased So Far


So far I’ve been doing all of the purchasing for the club — partly because I don’t want the kids to be overwhelmed, and I don’t want to burden the kids’ parents with the extra expenses that won’t be reimbursable until after the accounting team learns about reimbursements. This also allows me to protect the kids from expensive mistakes because I’m able to order exactly what’s needed even if the projects that the BOM team sources aren’t quite right.

Here’s an email I send out to the accounting team that lists what I’ve purchased so far. They have most of it already on their general ledger, but this puts most everything in one place for them to double-check.

Hi there, accountants! (Parents, this one is for the kids again.)

As I mentioned in my Accounting Team Update email earlier this week, I wanted to get you a list of the things we’ve acquired for the club so far, along with their costs and categories. I believe you’ve already recorded some of these expenses, and I know others will be new. I’ll wait until we’re a little further along with the build before I submit a request for reimbursement.

  • J-head hot end (2, with extras): Donated by Reifsnyder Precision Work! ($110 value)
  • Hardware (7 three-ft threaded rods): $1 each + 7% tax, no shipping, from Lowes
  • Hardware (smooth rod and most screws, washers, and nuts): $45.98 + $3.42 shipping, from McMaster-Carr
  • Electronics (circuit board and components): $33.25, free shipping, from ebay
  • Electronics (4 stepper motor drivers): $9.95 each + $2.13 shipping (total), from Pololu electronics
  • Stepper Motors (5): $8.50 each, no shipping, from ebay
  • Frame vertex with feet (4): printed by me, so no real cost here
  • Frame vertex without feet (2): printed by me, so no cost here, either
  • Bar clamp (8): printed by me — free!
See you on Friday! (Remember to have a brief team update prepared — and don’t worry if you don’t have time to include all this before the meeting.)

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